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Women's Health : Introductory 4 week Course, Age 11 - 18, Starts 16th May 4pm

Women's Health: Introductory Course

Mentor : Zoe Summers 

4 week course 

Week 1:
- *10 minute drop in practie*
- Anatomy of female sex organs
- The menstrual cycle - the four phases
- Female sex hormones in relation to different menstrual phases 
- Hormonal imbalances - symptoms and conditions that could arise from an imbalance.

Week 2:
- *10 minute drop in practie*
- Living in accordance with our menstrual cycle 
- The 'Hormone Loving Nutrition Cheat Sheet': Specific foods to support your hormones, how to balance your plate, support your blood sugars and mental health with food.
- Specific nutrients to help support ovulation and a pain free cycle 

Week 3
- *10 minute drop in practie*
- What is stress and how does it affect our menstrual cycle, mental health, and sleep
- Sleep hygiene - tips and tricks for a good nights' sleep
- *15 minute somatic practice* - Dealing with emotions via the felt-sense, light breathwork, and journaling questions

Week 4
- *10 minute drop in practie*
- Contraception options - efficacy
- Contraception side effects - how you can support yourself with good nutrition + possible supplementation to help
- What's the best one for you? Going through the deciding process

Tuesday afternoon 4pm:
16th May, 23 May, 30 May, 6th June

$150per person 

All zoom details will be sent out to you. 
Your mentor: Zoe is a NMHNZ registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, and a qualified ConTact C.A.R.E practitioner