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Navigating the Stars introductory series for kids- All Ages - 4 week course - Starts 17th May

Navigating the Stars introductory series for kids - ALL ages with Gemma G 

4 Week course, 1hr online class,

Replays provided after each session

Wednesday May 17th, May 24th , May 31st, June 7th

$180 child and parent, or child alone
$270 Child, parent and one more

Learn how the configuration of planets holds the energetic blueprint of your soul, the memory of your purpose here on Earth and the keys to unlock any experience you choose to create.

Week 1: Soul blueprint - An overview
  • Learn the basics on how to make sense of a natal chart
Week 2: Understanding Emotions
  • Learn how to emotionally nourish your child and support them on their evolutionary journey
Week 3. Soul blueprint - A closer look
  • Build upon the basics and uncover potential challenges including core wounding programming
Week 4: Finding true North 
  • Uncover hidden gifts and talents including your child's purpose and lessons in this lifetime 
PLEASE NOTE: minimum of 4 participants required for course to run (refund will be provided if we do not get enough participants)

All zoom details will be sent via email

Your Mentor : Gemma Gee teaches how  we can create the life we choose and live our souls purpose when we know how to navigate the stars.