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Intuitive Edible Gardening for kids - Once a month - Starts 8 June - Age 6 plus

Edible Gardening with Katrina (once a month)

Grow the food you love to eat, and feed the soil while you’re at it. 

Biodynamic compost coach Katrina Wolff of Blue Borage has some projects for us to get stuck into our gardens over winter. These will include: 

Pesto Planters 

Container gardening with a recipe for a yummy snack. 

Don’t like Pesto? Here are some other variations I’ll teach you: herb tea planter, stir fry planter, salad planter. 


Worm farming 

Learn to make your own exquisite compost out of food scraps. Healthy soil is so important when growing organic food, and I’ll give you all the tips to start your own worm farm at home. 

What about the weeds? 

Here’s when you get to learn how to turn problem plants into something useful. You’ll have a homework exercise to go looking for weeds in your neighbourhood, and may never look at them quite the same way again. 

Growing from seed

Spring is just around the corner, so let’s start planting the first of our seeds. I’ll give you tips to grow successfully even when the weather is a wee bit chilly. 

Thursdays 3pm-4pm

Dates: 8 June, 6 July, 3 August and September 

$33 per session


**Minimum of 3 participants* 

You will receive all zoom details in email. 

Your Mentor- Katrinas  goal as Blue Borage is to help people learn to make exquisite compost, grow food, and be connected with nature through a seasonal diet.